• The University of London is among the premiere universities of UK and Europe and it’s consists of 18 self governing Colleges and 10 other smaller specialist research Institutes. In many ways the Colleges are considered universities in their own right; they set their own entrance criteria for their courses and they offer their own services to students. Some now also have their own degree awarding powers. All students from all the Colleges and Institutes are also University of London students, making them part of a community of over 120,000 students and giving them access to many services in London.

    Many levels of study are covered at the University of London including foundation degrees, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and diplomas and research degrees. The Colleges also have a wide range of short courses and summer programmes.

    In fact it is not even essential to be in London to study for a University of London degree. University of London currently has over 50,000 students studying in 190 different countries with the University of London International Programmes.

  • The University of London International Programmes’ was setup way back in 1858. With more than 50,000 students in over 190 countries currently University of London is one of the oldest and most reputable distance and flexible learning providers in the world. University of London’s global footprint and flexible study method has enabled students to study wherever they live.

    The university offers its degrees by distance and flexible learning with tutoring support from different reputed institutions across the world where University of London academics are responsible for the academic direction of all such programmes.

    Successful students are awarded degrees or other qualifications by the University of London.

  • Academic direction for all of the courses offered through the University of London International Programmes is provided by Colleges of the University. Academics at these Colleges develop the syllabuses, prepare the study materials, and are responsible for the assessment of students. This means that students benefit from the academic rigour and leading-edge research undertaken by the Colleges. It also ensures that the standard of award made to International Programmes students is maintained at the same level as the standard of award made to students studying at one of the Colleges of the University.

    In the case of the BSc Business Administration and Post Graduate Awards, academic direction is provided by Royal Holloway. Royal Holloway enjoys an international reputation for the highest quality teaching and research across the sciences, arts and humanities. Since Queen Victoria presided over the grand opening ceremony in 1886, the College has continued to grow in size and status, building on the excellence of its scholarship. Royal Holloway is among the top research-led university institutions in the UK with a world-class reputation for developing original research.

    Upon successful completion of their studies, students are awarded a University of London degree. Although the standards of these awards are maintained at the same level as the standards of awards made to students studying at Royal Holloway, the awards are distinct from degrees or other qualifications awarded by Royal Holloway. The certificate that students receive following graduation will state that the student was registered with the University of London and awarded a University of London degree or diploma. It will also state that examinations were conducted by Royal Holloway.