Employee Assistance Financial Programmes

BEA financial experts work alongside clinical psychologists to further the objectives of the EAP professional which is to assist employees facing a wide range of personal issues to achieve a work/life balance. Some of these challenges include financial issues such as budget planning, Wealth Management Personal Balance Sheet Management (PBSM), savings plan, debt management, loan administration and debt counseling for individual employees or groups including cooperatives of firms. SMES and other corporate organisation can also benefit from these services. The benefit to the both individual and organisation can be summarized as follows:

  • Healthier and Happy Staff = Better Output and Peak Performance(BOPP)
  • Better Output and Peak Performance = Attainment of Financial Goal
  • Attainment of Financial Goal = Happy Stakeholders

If the performance of your staff and company is declining, gives us a call, the solution may not just be in having another pep talk or strategic session, we may just be the answer. Please contact BEA consulting arm at, [email protected] for more information.

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