• The Business Environment is constantly changing. The things that mattered in the past are of no more relevance in today’s business climate. Technological advancement has significantly changed the way things are done in the business world. There is every tendency that this will continue in the distant future.

    In response to this trend, BEA, has come up with a package to address this situation. The greatest asset an organisation has is her people. Therefore all efforts must be made to ensure that the work force is well motivated and properly guided through the corporate mission, vision, objectives and goals of the organisation. Motivation does not only come in the form of promotion and salary increment. But a well trained staff, is well equipped and motivated to deliver on the corporate goals of the organisation.

    The BEA Masterclass is designed to provide practical experiential learning and competencies required to cope with the ever changing business landscape. It is targeted at management staff of companies in the Structured and Semi structured sectors of the economy.

  • Who?

    The workshop is aimed at the Management Staff of Organisations.


    Reasons to attend, include:

    • To equip delegates with tools that aid understanding of Marketing, Risk and Performance management responsibilities.
    • Delegates will also be trained in Basic Accounting as well as how to build an Effective team.
    • They would also learn about the Balance Scorecard and how to use it in enhancing business performance
    • Details of websites that provide useful material on performance measurement
    • At the end of this intensive three days training, delegate will be in position to lead from the front
  • Course Structure

    This program consists of different modules taught over 3 Days. The modules include:

    • Basic Accounting/ Finance Module
    • Risk Assessment Module
    • Team Building Module
    • Sales and Marketing Module
    • Business Performance Module
  • Training Methods

    The workshop is based on a combination of interactive and hands-on activities – group exercises, case studies and discussions – along with informal inputs from the tutor.

    Attention will however be focused on creating a plan of action for participants to take back to their own part of the organisation.

    Our workshops are deliberately small, typically around 30 delegates per workshop – In order to maximise personal learning and impact. Our workshops are also very interactive and also provide an opportunity to network.

  • Impact

    Organisational Impact
    Participants will be able to apply key management principles and techniques upon their return to the workplace resulting in better planning, better performance measurement and better service delivery.

    Personal Impact
    Attendance at the event will result in individuals increasing their knowledge, skills and experience.
  • Amount

    Amount: ₦ 70,000 - ₦ 100,000 per person (Material, lunch and photograph included)

    Payment Methods

    Certified bank Cheque (Bank drafts should be drawn in favour of BUSINESS EXECUTIVES ACADEMY NIGERIA LIMITED)

    E-payment to First bank plc. (Account No: 2021633294 Sort-code: 011152390)