• Our research work and survey show that globally the way of doing business is changing and Nigeria is following the trend. The Business Owners Executive Management Programme (BOEMP) is our response to ensure that the unstructured businesses in the economy are not left behind. In order to prosper in Nigeria’s dynamic business environment, there is need for any company desiring to play leadership role to have a paradigm shift in the way its business activities are conducted.

    As a developing nation, Nigeria faces some infrastructural challenges that continues to impose additional costs on entrepreneurs. Any business that wants to succeed must focus on taking key decisions that will eliminate or offset the risk of operating in Nigeria.

    Providing appropriate leadership or strategic direction to the organizations they run, is therefore imperative for successful business ownership. A successful business owner must be well informed on key factors that determine best practices in business. What then constitutes the ‘staying power’ of successful business owners? The BOEPM is designed to equip participants with new techniques for developing sustainable business growth strategy

  • Who?

    The programme is targeted at entrepreneurs who run their own businesses on a full time basis and are willing to sharpen their corporate leadership skills

  • Course Structure

    This program consists of different modules taught over 6 months. The modules include:

    • Stage 1: Strategic Talk from an experienced expert on The Economy & Regulatory Environment and Implications for Business Development
    • Stage 2: Lectures Classroom tailored to meet the participants’ industrial sector
    • Stage 3: Pre-Study Tour Briefing
    • Stage 4: Study Tour to Asia and Far East Countries to visit factories and government agencies
    • Stage 5: Debriefing
      • What’s next?
      • What have we learnt?
      • How can we put them into practice?
      • How can we leverage on contacts that we have made?
    • Stage 6: Final Reflections and Sharing in the Wisdom of a veteran and relevant government agencies
  • This work shop aims to:

    • Create in participants the consciousness to continually develop new ideas in managing their businesses.
    • Create suitable awareness on the impact of global economic developments and their impact on government policies
    • and businesses
    • Development of programmatic corporate leadership skills that will enable participants to cope with risks in business.
    • Assist participants to develop new and better methods of evaluating their performances in business in the short to
    • medium term
  • This programme consists of series of workshops spread over a period of six months and divided into six stages. The programme is intended to enhance the managerial and leadership skills of participating business owners.

    During the period of training, executive participants will undertake a study tour of some Far East and Asian Countries that will be mutually agreed.

  • Amount

    There would be an initial registration fee of ₦ 100,000.00 that would cover Stage 1: Meeting with Expert/Strategy session, Overview of the market sector.

    Cost for Stages 2-6 would be provided once the number of participants is known, given the foreign trip components of the course which is major.

    Payment Methods

    Certified bank Cheque (Bank drafts should be drawn in favour of BUSINESS EXECUTIVES ACADEMY NIGERIA LIMITED)

    E-payment to First bank plc. (Account No: 2021633294 Sort-code: 011152390)